Dear Bitch,

I can't stand you. What would possess you to go after my ex? I mean, you're already cuter than me and always have been. You "won" that one boy we both liked. And now, you're going out to lunch with this one. He's going to like you. Cause you're adorable and have this cute laugh and perfect teeth. And, you become exactly what everyone wants. That's one of the main reasons why I can't stand your dumb bitch self. You're a fucking clone. I have no idea who you are at all. Your music style has changed with every guy you've ever liked. Your clothes change. Everything about you CHANGES. And, remember when you didn't like weed? Never really smoked because it makes you tweak. And nowww YOU'RE SMOKING?!?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why do you do this!? The worst fucking part is you get away with it. Each and every time. Ugh. I hate you so much. And if you were in my presence I would deck you. I'd punch you square in your fucking perfect teeth. Knock a few out, hopefully. I hate you so goddamn much. If you two date, I will end your existence. Cause I shouldn't be here crying. I DON'T CRY. It's not in my structure. And then you fucking come along and do your cute bullshit and win the guy AGAIN. Even if I had him first, you're winning. You're always winning. I hate you!!!!!!!! The good thing is, you don't have sex. So, that's what will end this. And, you get bored with everyone. So, yeah! Fuck you. Fuck everything about you. You're a dumb bitch.

I've never been so angry before,

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