Dear Life-

There are a few people i'd like to recognize right now. Number one: my best friend ML. She sat with me on the phone for about an hour while i almost had a nervous breakdown because i thought the buses had stopped running and i'd miss the subway and incline (which i did miss anyways) and be stuck in the Strip District forever (or at least until 6am when the port authority started functioning again....). You are the best. I will always love you.

I'd also like to thank the taxi guy who stopped for me even though it is impossible to hail a cab in PGH because you HAVE TO CALL THE FUCKING CAB COMPANY AND REQUEST ONE (i swear to god, how does this city survive?). You too, were awesome. Mainly because you made sure i got into my house alright as well. I hope you have the best beer of your life sometime soon. Preferably not while you are on the job, though.

Lastly, i want to thank the good people at Quara Wineries for producing the bottle of wine i plan on drinking tonight. I need this more than you can imagine.

love forever and ever-


CF- I've totally made the fatal mistake of buying 10 dollars (which seemed like 3 million dollars at the time) in grapes. Keep fighting the good fight. I'm praying for you.

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