Dear Boy Whom I Just Adore All The Timeeee,

Why do I like you? Still? And, why do you get kinda flirty sometimes? Like, I know our ship has sailed multiple times, and you're doing something different right now, but. How come sometimes you don't act like a decent human at allllllll and then other times we're cute and flirty again!? Example: Saturday, you came over to this gathering and we smoked a lot of pot. I packed it, you packed it, and so on and so forth. We had conversation. We laughed. We walked down memory lane a bit. It was nice. You even rested your hand on my leg! What the hell? And then last night, not too much talking but then when I was playing beer pong you're all talkative? And, close to me and shit. What the fuck, man. Its stupid cause I really do think we work out when you decide to be into me.

Blah blah blah,
Stupid Girl

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