Dear Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend From 10 Years Ago (who is currently
married with 2 kids),

I don't understand you. A few weeks ago you invited my boyfriend to a party you were having, and told him to bring me, presumably to check me out. The moment we arrived you ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and told me "how great it is" to meet me, just before launching into a myriad of "when he and I were dating" stories, including one about what he did for you on Valentine's Day when you were 15. The entire night you gushed about how much you loved me and how happy you were that he has found the perfect woman for him, while throwing in stories about the first time you two decided to have sex and how he is your back-up plan in case your marriage fails. Since this party, you have repeatedly called my boyfriend, telling him you are still in love with him, and asking if he would "be there" if you left your (incredibly sweet) husband and (adorable) two kids. You even asked him to come visit you on a weekend your husband was out of town, bribing him with tickets to see his favorite NBA team. In the next phone conversation you not only ask him to visit, but ask him to bring ME along. You even put up a photo of me on your Myspace page with a caption that says
that I am "a doll."

I don't get it. Are you trying to steal my boyfriend or be my best friend? How can you do this to your husband, who knows you are still in love with your high school ex, and still welcomed him into his home? And how can you not get the hint when my boyfriend makes constant excuses as to why he doesn't have time to visit you, even though he only has a part time job? It's a little crazy that you are willing to throw your life and your family away for a man who is in love with someone else, who has flat out told you that he doesn't want to be with you. You don't even know him anymore. You dated for a few months your freshman year of high school and have barely spoken since. It is about time you put away the high school yearbook and figure out what is so wrong with your marriage and work on fixing it.

I'm only nice to you because I feel bad for you,
Tired Of The Crazies.

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