Dear Life,

blarghhhhhhhhhh. I can already tell it's gonna be one of THOSE days where nothing really goes wrong except nothing goes right either and by the end of the day your soul hurts and you just want to curl up in a ball on the floor. It is a RAINY Monday and I am at work despite the fact that AT LEAST half the city has the day off, and it's not even one of those days where I can just sit at my desk looking pretty -- I am stuck under a mountain of work. And I'm not getting home until 11pm tonight, and it will be cold and dark and wet and lonely, and I bet there will be no Sketchy Guy In Huge Hooded Jacket to accost me and offer me his coat tonight on the way home, and I don't even HAVE a coat because I accidentally placed the box with all my winter clothes in the Give to Goodwill pile instead of the Move to New Apt. pile and that alone makes me want to cry because all my good layering shirts and soft sweaters and turtlenecks were in there not to mention my unbelievably cute peacoat with the bracelet sleeves that I got ridiculously on sale that I will never find again especially at such a good price and I am so broke it's not even funny and I need a haircut because I keep getting distracted by my split ends and my layers look stupid and it makes me want to cry and I have an interview for a promotion that I don't even know if I want tomorrow and I have no idea what I will tell them if they offer me the job and I'm so awkward anyway that I will probably just start crying especially if my day is going anything like it is today and then they will most certainly not want me to work for them and I just want someone to snuggle with and I'm tired of making bad decisions like drunk texting Jeremy Piven because I don't even remember what he LOOKS like so why would I want to booty call him in the first place?! And my parents and I can't spend two minutes with eachother without yelling at eachother and crying and my best friend is moving to London and did I mention I'm broke someone just kill me now asdlkasjdglkasdlgjlsdkgjasdgj.......

In Need Of A Bear Hug,

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