Dear Life,

You know. Even though I lost a boy recently that I felt myself falling for. And the boy I am madly in love with still doesn't acknowledge my presence unless he's slightly inebriated. And I don't have a job (Even though, that's completely my fault cause I'm stagulating) and my car insurance is cancelled cause I'm too broke to pay it. And I recently had my phone stolen but I don't have the money to get a new one, but even if I did.. my bill is $290 anyways that I also cannot pay so if I did get a phone it'd be turned off within a few days. And I'm smoking pot even though, legally I can't. And, I'm probably gonna ruin my chance of getting my favorite job back if I don't send in my application by tomorrow. And, I'm getting FAT. If I wasn't going through my "womanly time of the month", I would swear I'm gonna pop out twins one of these days.. So, in spite of alllllllllllllllllllll that.. Life, you're really not that bad. I mean, I got brand new tires for free and a free oil change, and free gas. So, thanks for those little unexpected goodies. And, I've got my sight and my hearing and all my limbs and I'm getting over this cold. And, honestly.. I can just tell you're going to work out for the best. I got a feeling. And, yeah.. shit sucks right now. And, that's no good.. but it'll be fine. I can just TELL. So, thanks. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel. I can see the pretty silver lining on my cloud. I'm gonna be fine. And that is nice and comforting. There are a lot of people that have it way worse than me. And I am incredibly thankful that I am gifted enough to have the things I do have. So, life, even though, I've hit a slight rough spot, I'm going to get up now. And I'm going to keep trucking. I've got you to live. And you're pretty nice to me. Do you think we could work on the boy situation, though? I don't want a boyfriend. I would just like a nice boy who's cute and has a large penis and can make me scream. That's all. Oh, and maybe he could be a tattoo artist cause I've got expensive tattoo plans. Yeah? Maybe?

Going to bed now,

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