Dear Oxycodine,

I know I stole you from my grandpa. And, when I looked you up on Wikipedia it said you are for moderate to severe Cancer pain. And this should probably make me think twice or three times about stealiing you but.. he's in remission.. sooo, that means he won't miss ONE pill. Right? Because, the way you numbed me allllllllll night and made my dreams super active and always about being numb and feeling nothing was awesome. Super numb all night. Terrific. So numb I was tingling. Numb. Numb. Numb. And, I really need numb. Since my boyfriend says we can still be together but then he's got "I love you's" from ex-girlfriends in his comments.. and supposedly wants to re-hook up with an ex-fling.. and is a sarcastic bastard 24/7 to me. Yeah, numb felt great. I could be that numb 24/7. If he's got 5 of you left, I shouldn't steal another one of you for today, right? Cause, I kinda liked you a lot.

Waiting for the refill to happen realllll soon and hoping maybe I can find my Tylenol with Codeine for the meantime,

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