dear today,

you were excellent. the weather was perfect and my hair looked absolutely amazing and Homecoming Date is going to ask me out (ohmygod, c in a real-ationship.. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!) and i've decided that i really do LOVE my friends even when they're being bitches and i didn't even feel fat (still!) after i ate approx. 304823 pieces of halloween candy.

also, i'm going to get moderately drunk tonight, but not too drunk because i have to go to work tomorrow at 7AM and flirt with the semi-cute-but-mostly-just-fun-to-lead-on Conservative SuperChristian and then have an amazing Saturday and sleep and paint my toenails and watch Love, Actually for the 320847234th time.

gah! why are you so good to me?? i really don't deserve you, cutie.

loving you like a certain slightly chubby redhead loves fun-size almond joys,

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Ms S said...

Is that the same person as in the last post? Or are you just very "shifty"? ;)