Dear Cab Driver,

You are a ridiculous piece of shit. Yes, it was nice of you to drop us off at the ATM. Yes, it was nice of you to drive us to a gas station because we were hungry. Ok, so we were $5 short of the cab fare. Who gives a fuck? That will barely buy you a french fry in this country anymore so it was completely unneccessary to take ALL of our cash AND THEN charge us $20 on a credit card by phone. Something tells me if you didn't know we were completely obliterated and hardly functioning, you would not have tried to pull that shit. Next time I get in your fucking cab you best bet I'm gonna have my game face, better yet, I'm not paying your scamming ass at all. I'm not scared of being arrested. I've made friends with LOTS of cops in this town this week and it's nothing a bj can't fix.

And Learn To Speak Better English,

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