Dear Talmadge,

There is nothing better in this world than someone who is enthusiastic about their job. Working at a convenient store during the wee hours of Friday night is not my idea of a fun gig. You, however, had such a pleasant demeanor and were so kind when we stumbled in after a long night of slamming shots uptown. You are also generous, which I appreciate. When asked, "Can I have this hot dog for free?" you kindly replied that we could. I guess a free hot dog was the least you could do for all of the free entertainment we were providing you and also considering we bought so much shit from you that we had to haul it out in grocery bags. If I could remember which gas station we stopped in I would definitely become a repeat customer. I doubt that we will ever meet again but I wanted to let you know that from what I remember about that visit to the store, you put a smile on my face.

I love you,

P.S.: Adrienne says thank you for the helping hand when slathering condiments on her free dog.

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