Dear Sketchtastic Octegenarian Realtor,

In the future please refrain from making comments about the fact that you can see up my skirt when I walk up the stairs ahead of you. I slept 3 hrs last night, still reek of tequila and cigarettes, and I threw this dress on in the dark while trying not to vom and make it out the door for our 9am appointment. So yes, I failed to notice the fact that it's mildly see-through and manages to show you both part of my bra AND my underwear. This does not give you a free pass to check out my ass and then make disapproving comments. So what if i'm kind of a slut?

Thanking God I Wore Panties Out Last Night,

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d-dawg said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!! And please avoid the use of the phrase num num in our presence or making ridiculous comments in response to our concerns over the space of the apartment. You are lucky i didnt throw you off the side of memorial bridge after you mentioned "parking" and traffic patters for the 50321498234098 time!