Dear Coworker Who Probably Doesn't Like Me But Loves Confusing Me Into Oblivion,

You just asked me to Thanksgiving dinner with your family. Are you enjoying this? Did I push you on the playground when we were three causing you to obsessively plot revenge and now you are exacting it? Because you asked me twice. So as much as I'm trying to help myself by believing that you are kidding in a my-sense-of-humor-is-an-indication-that-I-am-Satan type of way, now I dont know what to believe. I dont like it when girls do this shit. Jesus. We are NOT SMART. TELL US EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. Gia. Looking in your direction. I don't even care anymore, I like you too much and don't give a shit about embarrassing myself at this point. But I still won't cross that threshold where the possibility of showing up uninvited to someone else's goddamn Thanksgiving lives. Fuck.

Just tell me you like me and I'll take it from there,

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