Dear Ex Co-Worker and Ex 'Supervisor',

Though I thought I would never say this, I think it's about time. Thank you. Thank you for causing me so much stress that I developed TMJ from grinding my teeth. Thank you for causing me to develop IBS and heart palpitations. Thank you for causing my depression to relapse and to develop an anxiety disorder in addition. Thank you for being a bunch of malicious, back-stabbing, soul-sucking bitches. Because, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten fed up after one of your hypocritical emails, and quit. I would still be there, teeth worn down to nubs, shitting into a bag and going into heart failure. I would be a poor dresser, have bad skin, and wear ugly shoes.

So thank you for forcing me to quit. I look better, feel better and above all, I am better. Than you. Period.

Na na na boo boo,

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