Dear God,

I'm pissed. What did I ever do to you to deserve this sort of treatment? I believed in you and had faith in you. I called on you in times of need, when I was feeling weak and alone. I thought you were a fair god.

Yet, these last two years have been the worst I think I have ever lived: A betrayal by a close friend who threatened my livelihood, the relapse of my depression which I thought I would never recover from, the tragic and unexpected death of one of my best friends, the death of an aunt who struggled with cancer, another aunt who is fighting it right now, and the abrupt ending to a relationship I had hoped would go somewhere... FOR ONCE.

Is this your way of testing my strength of spirit? Perhaps my faith in humanity, or my faith in you?

Please cut it out with the "pop-quiz" tests on life. I'm tired of the surprises. The only way to get back into my good books is to ensure the next 70 years of my life are happy ones.

Waiting on you,

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