Dear ----------------,

I don't give a flying FUCK anymore. So, I fucked up. WHO CARES? I'm young and living my life, baby. Maybe you should try it. Instead of being a complete pussy. And kind of a liar. And such. Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't be talking cause I did you 'dirty', but like I said.. I don't give a fuck. Fuck regrets. I don't have 'em anymore. Everything I should 'regret', I don't. Cause I had a fantastic fucking time doing all of them. I don't even think fantastic is the right word. Phenomenal? Yeah. Probably that. Phenomenal. Why don't you try doing that? Instead of being wrapped up in a relationship 24/7. Have a fucking blast. Get wasted. Be ridiculous. I do. Often. And I love every minute of it.


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