Dear John the Military Man (Part 2),

You really need to stop taking pictures of yourself and sending them to me via text message. You have abs. Cool. This isn't myspace and I don't like trading pics so we can touch ourselves with a visual aid. It's not hot. Also, if you're doing this to get me to send you pics of me, that won't be happening. When I sent you a picture of my boobies on Thursday it was because I was drunk and I thought it would be funny to mess with you. I have to say, if you keep this up, I may just full out ask you to send me a picture of your schlong to see if you actually will. Undoubtedly, you will and then I will take it upon myself to show everyone I know and giggle about it multiple times a day.

That Was The 7th Pic This Week, I Would Think You Would Have Gotten The Hint When I Failed To Respond Ever,

P.S. Jesus, you just texted me again as I was writing this.

P.P.S. I guess my fake O was impressive, but let it go.

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