Dear 25-yr-olds,

Start Saving. Now. Botox rocks. I am 29 and just got my first teeny tiny dose. Aging happens slowly (aka between age 22-29). Botox works in just 3-4 days. It's worth it but remember these words: moderation is key. Even moderation will cost you some cash.

Studies prove that intervention is the best way to prevent wrinkles. Tackle the lines before they start and your 39-year-old face will thank you! AND the earlier you start, the less often you will need "doses" over your lifetime. (just an fyi).

To each her own, but I am just sayin...go for it. Save up and you'll thank me girls! I think it super rocks that when I laugh my forehead now crinkles in a minimally cute way instead of a "she's ugly when she laughs way".

finally looking forward to 30,

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