Dear Flirty Co-worker,

You've been flirting with me since I started this job. We have gone out once and you got totally drunk and puked all over me. Did that change my feelings for you? NO! You've held my hand, commented on my thong and put your head in my perfect breast. So,I was shocked to find out that you got engaged over the weekend to your illegal girlfriend. When I say illegal, I mean no a US citizen and were you not just commenting on how she was going back to her country in November?. WTF man? I was really hoping to have some incredible, mind blowing sex with you. Now all I can do is smile and tell you congratulations. BTW, the whole marriage thing is over rated. Why don't you just have great sex with me instead!

Totally Bummed Out!

P.S. we all know she is going to take that $8,000.00 engagement ring and hock it in November when she moves back to the mother country to build her village a house.

Don't be so stupid!!!!

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