Dear Men that Like Me,

I feel so sorry for you. I am fantastic at making you think that I like you too, that you have a chance, or that I am not doing the same thing with at least 3 other guys. Even if you are a great guy the second I realize that:

I might like you too
You genuinely are into me and/or a nice person
[I know I'm a frat boy] but get you into bed or realize the chase is over
Get entertained by someone else who is pretty
I become 100% flaky, never return your phone calls, text messages and just ignore you in general. Yeah, I'm just a bitch/tease but, like clockwork, I seem to get that "itch" that it's time to sabotage my "relationships" or destroy any resemblance of happiness I could have. C'est la vie.

pretty and damaged,

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