Dear Life,

When do I officially throw in the towel on this girl? I really don't like being taken for granted, or not communicated with, or flaked out on. I hang in there and it only becomes more apparent every day that I should have let it go at least the day before. Dear Life readers....I put it to you.... when a girl puts the picture above on her facebook wall, is it past time to move on? I'll take your response off the air.

- Jon in Denver.


melancholyfleur said...

dude. move on. if you don't want dominated like a puppy, move on.

Shameless said...

Yes. Run. Now.

Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous. She's done.
Jon, you need to realize that there are cool, fun, easygoing, low maintenance girls out there. Lots of 'em. Don't settle.

Anonymous said...

you are actually questioning what you should do??


Anonymous said...

Leave her. She is enjoying using you and basically seeing how far she can push you. The more you let her play the games the crazier it will get.

meamia said...

The longer you wait to break up with her, the longer you have to wait for your real love to come into your life!

T said...

Dude, you GOTS to go...but only AFTER you take delivery on the S&M beating she's begging to deal you.

The recipe:
- receive the demeaning freak-nasty
- repeat until satisfied
- blow like the powder on Pete Doherty's coffee table