Dear Cousin-in-Law of My Ex,

You and your glasses and your sweet Southern drawl are freakin' adorable. I have a total crush on you, even though you are only 21 and I tend to have a predilection for older guys. And the fact that you sent me texts saying, among other things, that you wished I'd missed my plane so we could've hung out longer, that you sort of wish I'd have given you strep, and (earlier this evening) a simple "Miss you", well, I think you probably have a crush on me, too. Isn't that awesome? We're both heartbroken, grieving, and attracted to each other. It's the perfect storm.

Too bad you're still two semesters away from graduation and two time zones away. My resolution in 2008 is to not do the long-distance thing, but hey... I might take you up on your invite to Mardi Gras.

We'll Laissez les bons temps roulez in February,

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