dear adorable boy,

please cease the mindfucking immediately.

we are flirty best friends, which was an excellent arrangement until you started holding my hand and constantly texting me sweet nothings and asking me what i was doing for new year's eve a month in advance. can we say mixed signals??

i like holding hands with my best guy friend as much as any other girl, but of course since i suck at life i'm trying to turn it into something else.

so basically, i'm going to pretend like i didn't have the funnest night of my life cuddling with you and having revealing talks about our pasts and giving boy tips to your adorable 8th grade sister (who by the way idolizes me like i have never been idolized before) and trying to figure out if you were going to kiss me when you walked me out or not.

because, you didn't.

but we're going to get really drunk tomorrow night.. and maybe then you'll like me?

fuck my life,

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