Dear W.,

Thanks for bringing an awesome vacation option to the third world. Way to lead by example, that's all the international community has asked for, and the thank you is long overdue. Honestly G, you very well could be the coolest guy in the world, preaching the Capt. James hook philosophy of fun "to die would be a great adventure." You're letting people come to camp and giving them adventure after adventure after adventure.
It's a fact that I was always jealous of the people who got to go skiing and snowboarding when there was not a flake in sight; and I think it's great that you've given people their own little Aspen, Guantanamo.
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
"I'm going waterboarding bro!"
"You son of a bitch! can I come?"
"No way dude, I'm going to a little hideaway that I'm not going to tell you any more about"
"Ass hole, I hope you die!"
"Me too man, me too"

And here I thought only family vacations were torture

I love you,
- Lost to religion

PS the only thing scarier than not impeaching you is impeaching you and having president Dick.. last time that happened we had to shove it deep down our throats, and the second time is always worse.

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