Dear Sunshine,

Where the heck are you?? It's been like a month and I really need some quality time! I mean, you've been unavailable after 5:00 p.m. all winter. And now you're just never around.

I was beginning to think you'd called it quits all together, until I ventured out West for the holidays (sans sunglasses) to see you out, all over the place.

Your neglect had me believing I was no longer a sunglasses kinda girl! Well my friend, I spotted you blazing away out in Colorado – so it's not me, it's you!

Fed-up, because it's NEVER sunny in Philadelphia,

P.S. You owe me a chemical peel (to undue the UV damage caused, since in your east-coast-absence my skin was entirely unprepared) AND some Botox treatments (to help me recover from all the squinting done this week, by delaying any further wrinkles).

1 comment:

LQ said...

Go figure, today it's nice and sunny out.

... I'm not complaining though!